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Hope for the new years.

28 Countries of the European Union ban Mercury fillings in children and pregnant women. America still approves Mercury fillings.

The summary of this article from is:

  • Pending formal ratification of its written agreement of December 7, starting July 1, 2018, amalgam use will be banned for children under 15 and for pregnant or nursing women across the vast European Union
  • Each of the 28 countries must also submit a plan for how they are going to reduce amalgam use in the remainder of the population. Plans are due by July 1, 2019, and many will likely phase out amalgam entirely
  • To speed change in the U.S. and Canada, refuse to use any dentist who still uses amalgams, even if you don’t get them, and demand your insurance company pay for mercury-free dentistry.

    The reasonable conclusion is will you support a dentist that consciously embeds toxic mercury in your teeth and the teeth of your children?

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The presence of Mercury in your body is related to many health risks.

Enjoy Health Now and Tomorrow,

Dr. Darrel