A Clue That You Are At Risk of THE VIRUS.

You need to recognize clues from the Center of Your Health Universe that you have risks for the quality of your health destiny.

A clue can be any function that changes. For example I find it interesting that men and women in their physical prime have sexual dysfunction.

The mind and desire are strong but the function of the organs necessary to have satisfaction for the desires just doesn't perform adequately.  

The message from the brain to the sex organs doesn't communicate clearly.

The reason very often is the message gets disrupted by the gut-second brain-microbiome- or belly brain.

This core area of your body is the center of your health universe.

If this critical part of your body is stressed, any messages from the brain can get altered, mis-interpreted or just rejected.

The second brain isn't everything but everything depends on the second brain. There are more nerves in the second brain than in your head brain. The communication goes back and forth from your head brain and second brain. This controls your nervous system, your hormones, and your immune system.

Can you afford a sluggish or dysfunctional immune system in today's uncertainty?

Discover more and how to get your plan to suvive viral attacks and much more.  The results are priceless.

Improve Your Health Destiny,

                                         Dr. Darrel

Darrel Hestdalen

Doctor of Chiropractic, entrepreneur, Asset-ology expert, husband, father and grandfather. Visionary Business Owner with Touchstone Essentials. Committed to help as many people as possible to live well longer.