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Colic and Acupuncture Solution in Alternative Treatment

Acupuncture as a treatment for colic in infants was the topic of a recent study.

The treatment results for colic were positive yet not convincingly so. See

Acupuncture and chiropractic can relieve colic.

The pain of colic. -from BBC article.

I have practiced acupuncture for over 3 decades using needles, finger pressure and cold laser.  As a doctor of chiropractic I also incorporated spinal care as needed.

I rarely if ever used needles on infants.

One main error in the study is that they have not addressed the real cause of colic. For most cases it is an imbalance in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous influence on the function of the digestive system.

This imbalance causes stagnation of the peristalsis or movement of the intestinal contents. The result is gas and intestinal cramping. Yes the baby will cry loud and often.

My results using spinal manipulation and meridian therapy (acupuncture) was very successful. Often the mother would report that the baby would get home and sleep for 6 hours.

Meridian therapy- my name of choice for acupuncture or TCM- Traditional Chinese Medicine helps bring the systems into balance and harmonious function.

Also relieving spinal tension is critical in these colicky infants too.

Food sensitivities, whether from the commercial infant formulas or the breast feeding mother’s reaction to what she is eating, can be an important issue. When the digestive system is in harmony this is not a common problem.

It is important for the mother to have a balanced nutritional diet. I recommended a small particle zeolite for detoxification for the infant and mother . These drops and spray can be used by both mother and infant.This is safe for mother and child. Preliminary studies revealed a significant reduction of toxins in breast milk.

I we have used this with our grandchildren with stomach upset with very good results.

It is so important to truly understand the cause of the problem to avoid treatment that is improper and may worsen the condition.

The combination of chiropractic care and meridian therapy have proven to be very effective.

Enjoy Health Now and Tomorrow,

Dr. Darrel