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Denying the Truth (Censorship) is Getting Crazy OR the Truth Destroys Profits.

You Are Denied, Turned Down, Rejected, Unqualified

Recently an investigative reporter had his blog shut down- he often reveals the inconvenient truths behind vaccines, media health scare tactics, unscientific research practices, etc. This is Jon Rappoport.

Natural Health News writes about alternative health practices and reveals devious health and information tactics by drug companies and government health agencies. They also had these factual health posts blocked by FaceBook. is the largest resource for scientific articles and studies and was recently blocked by Facebook and WordPress. They also had their email platform shut down by MailChimp who is associated with the CDC Foundation.

Their numerous articles, videos, and posts would help any open minded, health freedom seeking individual make science bases health decisions.

Dr. Mercola’s articles also have been reduced dramatically in the Google algorithm.

This is exercise of health freedom not acceptable by Google, FaceBook, WordPress, Twitter, MailChimp, and Pinterest to name some Big Tech firms tied to profits of Big Pharma.

From Greenmedinfo post June 24, 2019.

A personal experience is the denial of life insurance by Prudential because I am associated with Touchstone Essentials and they have CBD products. That was the statement in the denial for offering coverage. No other reason.

Now the only danger in that situation is that these sales would be damaging to the profits of drug companies. I haven’t be able to determine if Prudential is owned by a pharmaceutical company or if Prudential is heavily invested in drug company stocks.

From the medical exam I was qualified at the Premium level. Normal weight for my height, no health problems and taking no prescription drugs.

But I do promote Hemp Oil/CBD Oil. They won’t give me an explanation for that ruling.

Educate yourself. Do what is necessary to maximize your health and avoid drugs.

Supplements of whole foods is part of my plan to support an active, fit and dynamic lifestyle to reduce my risk of disease and early death. Also eating organic as much as possible.

Live Young Longer,

Dr. Darrel

Abandoned-Too Common of a Problem

Today’s culture has reduced the presence of true commitment to something that is often lacking.

The story of the lady in the attached article is one that happens in too many families. I frequently hear of this situation in other families. Almost weekly. Often their own family or someone they know.

The main point in the solution, after it happens, is to be open and use your freedom to BE more than you may have thought you could BE.

Whether the situation hits you personally or you are closely associated with the people hit with this, you may need this solution to be part of their solution.

Read this to the end. There is a wonderful impact on a family member with a serious problem.

Change Your Health, Change Your Life,

Dr. Darrel

Correcting Eyesight

Let me share some important information about eyesight and preserving and even correcting your vision.

Recently I have come across some information about preserving and correcting  eyesight as we age. I just had my eyes checked and new glasses- that’s how it happens- when you are involved with something more related items pop up.

This can be a scary and eyesight losing condition.

My mother-in law has AMD-Age related Macular Degeneration. She was getting an injection into her eye which delayed the onset of blindness. This is a real concern for many people as we age.

Floaters have been a problem for me  for several years – mostly in one eye- and I was told several years ago that cataracts were starting.

Preserve eyesight for quality living


I hadn’t had my eyes checked for 6 years but my glasses were getting scratched and I was spending more time without them. I could see the TV and my computer better without them. Also other better vision issues that I hadn’t thought much about until I needed to get a check up.

Positive changes in eyesight usually are not expected when over 60 years old.

The Optometrist’s exam of my eyesight revealed significant improvement in my vision. Now-no advancement of cataracts, no new floaters and those present were getting less noticeable.

The information I reviewed about correcting eyesight problems  compelled me to review the ingredients in the Touchstone supplements I have been taking.

Super Green Juice and Supergreens+D, Touchstone Essentials products, contain several of the key sources of eye health nutrients. The nutrients are in the whole natural form as they were created in the plants so they are readily available to the cells.

From the information I reviewed and my experience I know it was and is the plant based nutrition in the Super Green Juice and Supergreens+D that is preserving and correcting my eyesight.

Also I have had a 2 stage revision of my left knee. The last surgery was on Jan. 26 and my recovery has been very good. I started Cross-country skiing 6 weeks after the last surgery and skied 9 out of 11 days.

Many people are having wonderful responses and preservation of their health with the Touchstone products.

Whole Plant based nutrition is key to correct eyesight.

At a minimum I would recommend Pure Body Extra Strength and Super Green Juice. Adding Organic Super Protein would be a wise choice too.

You can order here   .Add wholesale membership and save.

If you have any questions feel free to email, text or call. 701.306.7324

Change Your Health, Change Your Life,
Dr. Darrel

OH NO! It’s Monday OR YES! It’s Monday

Oh No! It’s Monday or Yes! It’s Monday.
Does your lack of energy cause you dread Monday morning or your abundant energy anxiously wait for Monday morning?

The third option is – Monday is just another ho-hum day (lack of energy.)
Lack of energy(fatigue) makes cowards of us all. That is a quote from Vince Lombardi the former coach of the Green Bay Packers.
You can’t live this day over. If you are dragging until your coffee kicks in you are headed for health problems you don’t want.

Proper nutrition changes your future.

If you are following the government nutritional guide lines your chance of developing diseases that will require you to be on drugs for your survival is much higher.
The guide lines are strongly influence by the food industry and Big Pharma. They profit when you follow their program. Not when you are healthy.
If your Monday mornings could use a lift- well actually every morning- start your change to vibrant health with more quality years-read this  article.

I am so glad I took action.
Plant based nutrition has proven to not only stop debilitating diseases but to reverse them.
The changes are simple and easy.
A key factor besides your behavior with food and time is to stop taking synthetic vitamins and use supplements of whole foods.

Click here now. It is the right thing to do.

Change your health and change your life. It is simple, easy and a privilege to do.

Enjoy Health Now and Tomorrow,

Dr. Darrel