Have You Blinked Yet?

Toxins & Immunity

Too many people are living through this time without taking proper action to increase their safety from the virus.

 Like a "deer in the headlights"  look. It is time to blink and take action.

Buried among all the devastating headlines of rising coronavirus infections and deaths, was a remarkable nationwide study by Harvard researchers.

It found that exposure to air pollution was linked to a 15% increased death rate of COVID-19 infections. While shocking, it’s not that surprising.

There’s a mountain of evidence that toxins found in air pollution can weaken the immune system and make you susceptible to getting sick.

Also everyday your are exposed to more toxins through your food, air and water than you can naturally remove.  These accumulate throughout your years.

Discover the risks and see how to protect your immune system.

How Toxins Cripple Your Immune System > Must Read

Why do I promote this critical information? You can learn more about my background and lifestyle- Click Here. This is an article-interview- published by the BFH organization.

If you feel anxiety, fear, anger, impatience, depression or . . .  you need to reduce your toxic body burden. Start here.

Live Young Longer,

Dr. Darrel

Darrel Hestdalen

Doctor of Chiropractic, entrepreneur, Asset-ology expert, husband, father and grandfather. Visionary Business Owner with Touchstone Essentials. Committed to help as many people as possible to live well longer.