Movid-20 is the Media Obsession of Virus for Intentional Deception. Active cases have been mentally infected by the 24/7 media propaganda based on unscientific testing for the SARS-Cov2 virus.

Movid-20 has invaded the activist students at Tulane University. (Probably aided by the indoctrination of the faculty.)

 Movid-20 cases rising in Fargo,ND. 3 members of the Fargo City Commission and over 1,000 residents are active cases of Movid-20.
The City Commission has created and passed a plan for mandatory mask wearing.
 They react the rising number of “active cases” of Covid-19 based on a test that has never been vetted by proper testing to show it is valid. The CDC has stated that a positive test doesn’t mean you are infected.
The test is not diagnostic according to the developer of the PCR test, Kary Mullis. The test is designed to find RNA fragments and increase the amount for research. The RNA is not specifically identified by purification which is the gold standard for virus research.
The death rates also are not valid as few if any of the deceased have had purification of samples to prove cause of death. The cause of death is someones opinion often based on the fraudulent PCR test and pressure to inflate the numbers.

Cure for MOVID-20 is simple- no main stream media, MSM, until the election is over or the hype stops.

Darrel Hestdalen

Doctor of Chiropractic, entrepreneur, Asset-ology expert, husband, father and grandfather. Visionary Business Owner with Touchstone Essentials. Committed to help as many people as possible to live well longer.