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This Story Has Changed Our Lives.

Darrel368x294 2014The Touchstone Story
This story  was written in a Pennsylvania newspaper  by medical columnist who had been medical officer in a North Korean prisoner-of-war camp during the Korean conflict.
He found his fellow prisoners developed Beriberi, a disease caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B1.

He obtained Thiamine HCl, a synthetic form of Vitamin B1 like that used in “enriched” flour, from the Red Cross and administered it to the sickest men.  No positive change was seen and the men continued to get worse.

The Korean guards suggested rice polish. This is what is taken off the rice during processing and contains the natural source of all B vitamins and co-factors.

He administered rice polish in small amounts, about a teaspoon each day.  The Beriberi symptoms abated within a week.

The rice polish contained the whole form of the vitamin. The vitamin molecule and the protein complex or “life force” that occurs with nutrients in the food. The nutrient, in this case vitamin B1, could cross the cell membrane and provide what the cells needed for life sustaining function.

Why has this story changed our lives?  (See video update after 2 years)
This story explains what is necessary for good health, if we take action. 

Processed and refined foods have had much of the “good” removed. Enriched foods have synthetic vitamins and minerals added which provide very little if any cellular nutrition and most likely toxic and harmful.

Many reports have been published on the depletion of the critical trace minerals in our soils and the resulting reduction of the nutrient content of our foods. This makes organic whole food supplements necessary to function at your best potential.

What We Did. We eat whole foods as much as possible. We do our best to avoid processed, refined and enriched foods. 
Our family has been supplementing our diet with  supplements OF whole foods for over 60 months at the time of this writing.  For the past 5 winters I experienced the best cold and flu season in decades- no illness. My energy, stamina, alertness and over all well-being have given me the joy of living life to the fullest.

We also use a product to reduce the toxic body burden of heavy metals and chemical toxins. 

Four Short Questions For You. 
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Summer 2014.
At 68 I can still hit the ball. I didn’t hit the fence however I can get the ball to the warning track in a professional baseball stadium.