Unbelievable Coincidence, profits from vaccine for Coronavirus?

A newspaper reported that a pharmaceutical lab in San Diego received a sample of the coronavirus and within 3 HOURS created a vaccine.  Reference

(Funded by Bill Gates- an advocate of vaccination and behind some shady vaccine activity in African- another story)

So much fake news and uncertainty surrounding all the news about this viral threat from China.

However, the science of immunity has revealed study after study demonstrating the damaging effect of toxins to immune function.

If you were to get exposed to coronavirus or the flu virus, you would want your immune system working a peak performance.

Studies have shown that in today's world you ingest more toxins everyday than you can naturally excrete. They accumulate.

Breakthrough research has revealed that the health of your cells is dramatically impacted by the gel state of the water inside your cells. All cellular vitality depends on proper function of gel formation. Yes for immunity and even reducing your risk of cancer.

Watch this video to get a better understanding of how toxins weaken your immune system and what you can do to make a huge difference in the vitality of your immunity.

Live Young Longer,
Dr. Darrel ‚Äč
Are you protecting your greatest asset?
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Darrel Hestdalen

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